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Production program

Wire harnessess

We have the technological equipment designed for single, small batch and mass production of wire harnesses, such as cutting and stripping machines, machines for printing and labeling wires and cables, manual and mechanical crimping devices for processing a wide range of connectors and heat-shrinkable materials processing.

During the manufacturing process specially constructed wiring harness jigs are used to insure uniformity. These jigs in combination with computer testing of each cable insures quality.

Cutting, stripping and indelible imprinting of conductor cross-sections from 0.50 mm2 to 16 mm2, and without imprinting up to 120mm2 is possible.

Accumulator and connection cables

Elektra Tyn s.r.o. is able to produce all kinds of cables and cordless terminals. Battery clamps cast from hardened lead alloys are suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries.

All types of terminals are embedded directly into the CU cables of various gauges and insulation types. The cable terminals have high conductive efficiency and are physically compact. They preserve high current loads up to 100% of nominal conductor gauge. As the cable terminals are made from the same material as the battery terminals, there is no corrosion. Only a 10 mm wrench is required when connecting the cables to the battery terminals.

Screws and nuts are galvanized and self-locking. Black and red terminal covers are made of fire-retardant material.

Control panels

Experience gained from many years of construction of control panels and the manufacture of cable assemblies go hand in hand.

Elektra Tyn s.r.o. manufactures wiring harnesses according to the form, which is already printed and ready to be installed in a cabinet control panel. The combination of these technologies has led to low cost and efficient production. Our control panels meet the very demanding conditions of the operation of mobile AC generators up to 800 A, 110V, 230V and 400V, and TN-C, TN-S, EDF (IT), NFC (TT)network types.

There is also a small voltage, 12V and 24V, control part of the panel which includes all inspection, measuring and controlling apparatus necessary for the proper functioning of the engine. We configure and install software for control units.

Other services

Cutting and labeling conductors

Swiss Komax Kappa 350 and 9450 Schleuniger Omnistrip are used for cutting cables. Depending on the type of wire, we are able to handle wires having a cross-section up to 120mm², AWG 5/0 or 35mm diameter. The Omnistrip 9450 is connected to modern printing technology based on Injet, which ensures legibility and permanence of the description on the smallest gauges.


We are able to deliver our products anywhere in the country. We use an Iveco Daily with a hydraulic tailgate a cargo capacity of 5m x 2.1m x 2m (L x W x H).

Our partners

We deliver cable harnesses and control panels designed for construction machines, which are using engines made by reputable manufacturers

- Control panels, wiring harnesses, battery cables and terminals for mobile power generators and mobile lighting towers

- harnesses, battery cables and terminals for mobile compressors

- Switchboards for injection molding machines


In order to achieve the maximum quality and guarantee of reliability, Elektra Tyn s.r.o. developed a quality management system which has been perfected over the years and certified by CQS according to ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. All products are given a thorough final inspection before being delivered to the client.

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